Saturday, July 23, 2011

Math Adventures with Fizz and Martina

Since I've taken on a new role with my school district as Educational Technology Trainer and am no longer in the classroom, I get asked several questions time and time again. Did you get huge bonus? . . No. Do you have to work more days than a teacher? . . No. And, the one I get asked the most: Were you tired of the classroom? . . Definitely a "No".

Over my 16 years as a teacher there were so many lessons that I really enjoyed doing with my students, and I know they like them, too. I never looked at what I did as simply "going to work". I loved being in the classroom working with so many bright, little minds. But my all-time, favorite activity was doing Tom Snyder's Math Adventures with Fizz and Martina. I have my husband to thank for that because he is the one who introduced me to the program. He had used it with his 3rd and 5th graders.

Fizz and Martina is math simulation activity that allows students to solve problems based on the story line encompassed into 4 engaging "episodes". Students work in collaborative groups and learn how to EXPLAIN their math solutions rather than just writing them down without really articulating the process.  Teams can earn award cards if their explanation meets the rubric's criteria. It is fun and motivating way to help students learn the importance of explicit explanations of the math processes.

Now, I've just learned that Tom Snyder Productions no loner markets Fizz and Martina on the website . . sad news. But, they have Go Solve which is a math program that presents situations to students to solve. Anytime you can get your students talking and working together in their learning environment it's bound to be a good thing.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful insights. I am getting my Masters in Technology and you are definitely someone I would like to follow throughout this year to get great ideas!!